Ukraine 'Traitor' Who Switched Sides to Russia in Puppet State Killed

Ukraine 'Traitor' Who Switched Sides to Russia in Puppet State Killed

Shocking images show the moment a Ukrainian "traitor" switched sides to help the Russians being killed in a car bomb.

Former internal security service officer Askyar Laishev defected to the Moscow-backed Luhansk People's Republic as head of intelligence in 2014.

The Russian puppet has been killed by members of Ukraine's National Resistance as he drove through the battered Donbas city in his car on August 11.

It is believed Laishev made his way out of the explosion, footage of which the Mirror has chosen not to show, but died days later in hospital.

The National Resistance stated: "We emphasize once again that collaborationism is harmful to your health, so every traitor has vain hopes that retribution will not come to him."

Earlier this week one of Putin's officials, Ivan Sushko, was also killed in Zaporizhzhia.

New footage of the moment Laishev's car exploded in Shevchenko Street, Staroblisk, in the Russian-held Luhansk, has been released.

The town has been under the control of the Russians since July.

A huge explosion is seen on screen, followed by a flaming wreckage rolling down the road.