Putin's TV Pundits Say 'Delusional' Liz Truss 'Belongs in the Kitchen'

Putin’s vile TV attack dogs have made a series of sexist insults about Liz Truss, calling the Tory frontrunner ‘delusional’ and claiming she ‘belongs in the kitchen’ – after warning that Russia was ‘continuing its war on Ukraine’ and couldn’t win”.

Coverage of the British leadership’s election turned increasingly misogynistic after Britain’s Foreign Secretary said the Kremlin could not get away with its barbaric invasion of its neighbour.

“Liz Truss doesn’t belong in politics, she belongs in the kitchen,” said Igor Korotchenko, an analyst at Rossiya One.

Korotchenko said Truss should “show the best qualities in a woman” and not “behave like a vulgar woman on a political striptease show.”

He also called Truss “uneducated” and “dangerous” and hinted that he favors her opponent Rishi Sunak, the former British chancellor who wants to replace incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has vowed to step down in September.

He also claimed Truss said she would start a nuclear war with Russia. The remarks may have been a reference to the Foreign Secretary’s pledge to speed up the renewal of Trident, Britain’s nuclear programme, if she becomes Prime Minister.