Pusha T - Call My Bluff (Official Video)

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Pusha T - Call My Bluff (Video)

Pusha T is one of the best artists in all of hip-hop and he certainly displayed that on his latest album It's Almost Dry. King Push is known for his coke raps that take the listener into the criminal underworld. Whether it is a persona or not doesn't really matter. At the end of the day, Push makes you feel like you are watching some sort of gangster movie directed by Martin Scorcese. It is an integral part of his genius, and it is a motif that is certainly found on the track "Call My Bluff."

Recently, the artist dropped off the music video for this track, and there is no doubt that it was meant to be shot like a movie. Throughout the visual, Pusha T enlists two goons to go after captives and those who are in his way. In the meantime, Push can be seen having dinner and fraternizing with business partners. There is a real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde quality to this music video as Push tries to divide his time between two very different lives. It is haunting and sinister which makes it a perfect representation of Push's art.

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