Driver jailed for killing a 38-year-old mother after row over oral sex

Driver jailed for killing a 38-year-old mother after row over oral sex

A van driver who ran over and killed a mum after a row over oral sex has been jailed for four years.

The convict identified as James Martin, 27, reportedly accelerated away with 38-year-old Stella Frew hanging onto the side of his white van in July last year, after refusing to pay her £50 for oral sex.

As he zigzagged through parked cars, Ms Frew hit a car and fell under the rear wheels of the van. Martin sped away and left Ms Frew to die in Tonfield Road, Sutton, South London.

Prosecuting officer, Jonathan Polnay said the mum-of-two "seemed to have a tyre mark vertically up her back, from her pelvis to her neck".

Martin was said to have met Ms Frew after he shared with his partner. After he wolf-whistled the deceased, he pulled over and Ms Frew leaned into the van to him oral sex. They got involved in an argument when she asked for £50 and he said it was too much.

An eyewitness said Martin accelerated away while Ms Frew was leaning into the van window. He swerved from left to right before hitting an Audi and running over Ms Frew.

Police later found evidence of a used condom and cigarette paper containing DNA belonging to Martin and Ms Frew. Following his arrest, Martin told police: "What have I done? It wasn't me. I didn't do it."

Polnay noted that Martin initially told officers he had no connection with Ms Frew, claiming he was at work that day and it was "a case of mistaken identity". He said "the carefully-crafted statement is a lie complete with a false alibi."

Giving evidence, Martin claimed he was at the junction ready to pull out when Ms Frew opened the passenger door and offered to perform a "blow job". The convict eventually agreed and drove to a car park "where the act took place outside of the vehicle".

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