China's communist party approves resolution that keeps leader, Xi Jinping in power until he dies

China's communist party approves resolution that keeps leader, Xi Jinping in power until he dies

The Chinese communist party on Thursday, November 11 held a key meeting where they approved a rare “historical resolution” that will ensure Chinese leader, Xi Jinping stays in power for the rest of his life.

According to the official Xinhua news agency, the landmark resolution places Xi alongside former leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

With the resolution, Xi Jinping joins the two other leaders as the only leaders to have presided over such a resolution in the party's 100 year history.

Experts say the “historical resolution” will pave the way for Xi, 68, to secure an unprecedented third term in office next year — and potentially rule China for life.

The move came at the end of the closely-watched sixth plenary session of the party’s Central Committee, a mostly male group of more than 300 top leaders. It is the last major meeting before a party congress next year .

He is only the third leader to have a historical resolution adopted during his presidency, after Mao and Deng.

Xi’s political philosophy — called “Xi Jinping Thought” — is already being interwoven into Chinese society, added to educational textbooks from primary school to college. The historical resolution will further entrench his personal leadership as the defining characteristic of Chinese politics for years and possibly decades to come.

The resolution is Xi’s “attempt to further consolidate his power and to define his historical legacy in the history of the party,” said Jinghan Zeng, a professor of China and international studies at Lancaster University in Britain ahead of the plenum.

Weeks before the meeting, state media praise for Xi was more effusive than usual.

An article in People’s Daily, the party’s flagship newspaper, called Xi's leadership the “most critical condition in the face of major historical junctures and tests.”

Safeguarding Xi’s “core position” and the party’s overall authority, it said, were “the fundamental guarantees for winning new victories” in China’s modernization drive.Latest Post