12-year-old girl reportedly undergoes 'religious' marriage in Iraq

12-year-old girl reportedly undergoes 'religious' marriage in Iraq

An Iraqi court on Sunday, November 21, adjourned a hearing to allow a man to formalise his 'religious' marriage to a 12-year-old girl, according to a lawyer for the girl’s mother.

Rights activists (pictured above) protested outside the Baghdad court in Iraq with banners such as “the marriage of minors is a crime against childhood”, with lawyer Marwan Obeidi telling AFP the case had been postponed until November 28.
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The mother, who refuses to be identified, said her daughter Israa had been “raped” and that the girl’s father kidnapped her.

But a Department of the Interior ministry in Iraq dealing with violence against women said in a statement that it had met with Israa, her father and husband, seen the religious contract, and said she had assured them she was not coerced I to marriage.

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