Swedish rapper Einar shot dead aged 19

Swedish rapper Einar shot dead aged 19

A young Swedish rapper who had a number of chart-topping hits in the country was murdered on Thursday night, October 21, on the streets of Stockholm.

Reports said 19-year-old Einar, whose real name was Nils Kurt Erik Einar Grönberg, was shot in the head and chest in the port of Hammarby Sjöstad.

The shooting comes three months after rival rapper Yasin was jailed for 10 months for masterminding a foiled plot to kindap Einar in 2020.

Also, in April 2020, weeks after Yasin's plot to lure Einar to a music studio failed, Einar was kidnapped and held at gunpoint for several hours. He was tied up and beaten in a flat in an attack involving another Swedish rapper Haval Khalil. The kidnappers posted pictures of Einar to social media while he was being held by them, and claimed they sexually assaulted him in an attempt to humiliate him.

No one was charged with sexual assault in the case.

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