Rapists hired to torture and 'break' inmates inside Putin's horror prisons

Rapists hired to torture and 'break' inmates inside Putin's horror prisons

Horrific footage of inmates in Russian prisons being tortured and raped has been released in what's been dubbed a "mega-leak".

Anti-torture website Gulagu.Net, which has been banned in Russia, published 40GB of video materials which implicate the FSB security service – once headed by Vladimir Putin – and the country’s FSIN prison authorities.

The images are described as a "torture conveyor belt" where it is alleged rapists are used in order to help "break" male inmates.

In one video a man is screaming in pain as he is tied to a bed and raped with a mop handle at a tuberculosis hospital in a Saratov jail in February 2020, it is alleged.

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Guards tortured prisoners who were then forced to torture other inmates such as urinating on them, it is alleged.

The horrific video materials reportedly comes from jails in six Russian regions and will now be passed to the United Nations and Council of Europe for investigation.

The material was leaked by a Belarussian programmer jailed in Saratov who was used by the authorities to collate their sickening collection of torture videos filmed on prison issue camcorders, says Gulagu.Net.

The programmer - now released and seeking political asylum in the West - copied the material and carried it out of Russia, it is claimed.

Vladimir Osechkin, who runs Gulagu.Net, said It was "the first time that human rights defenders have obtained such a colossal amount of information proving the systemic nature of torture in Russia".

Osechkin alleges they have evidence that 200 inmates have been tortured and raped by FSB and FSIN agents in Russian penitentiaries with 40 depicted on videos.

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