6-year-old boy was ‘poisoned’ with so much salt he was ‘unable to put up fight’ before death

6-year-old boy was ‘poisoned’ with so much salt he was ‘unable to put up fight’ before death

A court has heard how a 6-year-old boy was "poisoned" with so much salt that he was rendered "unable to put up a fight" before his death.

The Coventry Crown Court where the trial is ongoing, had previously heard that Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was once recorded sobbing: “No one loves me.”

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was said to have been fed more than six spoons worth of salt in his system at the time of his death in June last year.

Thomas Hughes, 29, and his then girlfriend Emma Tustin, 32, are standing trial in court for reportedly killing his son in Solihull.

They have both pleaded not guilty to murder and Tustin has admitted to one count of child cruelty but denied further charges of the same offence. Hughes also denied child cruelty offences.

On Monday, October 18, medical expert Professor Stavros Stivaros was called to give evidence. He said;

"The bleeding I saw in Arthur's case was in multiple different sites relating to his brain.

"In Arthur's case the appearance of bleeding is more in keeping with shaking than impact."

On Tuesday October 19, Dr Roger Malcomson, a consultant paediatric and perinatal pathologist, was called to give evidence on some of the injuries suffered by Arthur. He stated that it was "more likely" Arthur was "repeatedly poisoned with salt contaminated food or fluids" in "brutal controlling circumstances".

He told the court it was less likely he was given a single portion of salt shortly before he collapsed at the Shirley home on June 16.Latest Post