US military chiefs apologize after finding out drone strike meant to kill ISIS-K terrorists killed 10 civilians including children in Kabul

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The United States military has come out to apologize after finding out that it's drone strike on a vehicle in August killed 10 civilians including children who were not associated with ISIS-K terrorists.

In the final week of the US' chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, ISIS K launched suicide bomb attacks in Kabul killing 11 US soldiers and over 90 Afghans.

The US two days later claimed it had retaliated against ISIS-K using a drone strike against a vehicle that was loading bombs heading to the Kabul airport. The US military claimed it had killed at least one ISIS terrorist.

But on Wednesday, September 15, an investigation by the NewYork times found out that the drone strike didn't kill any terrorist but rather two men who worked for a California based humanitarian agency and children most of which were from the same family .

Following the investigation reports, the US military launched its own investigation and now Gen. Frank McKenzie, the top general of US Central Command has announced that all of those killed in the residential compound were civilians.

McKenzie told reporters at the Pentagon on Friday night, September 17, that the strike -- which he said killed seven children -- was a "mistake" and offered an apology.Latest Post