South African policewoman allegedly insured her family members, hires hitmen to kill them and claimed insurance money

South African policewoman allegedly insured her family members, hires hitmen to kill them and claimed insurance money

A female South African police officer, Constable Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, allegedly insured her family members then went on a killing spree, wiping them out some of them with the help of hitmen then claimed money from insurance companies.

Among the people Constable Ndlovu allegedly ordered hits on are her elderly mother, partner, two sisters as well as her five nephews and nieces.

By the time the killing spree that started in 2012 came to an end in 2018, six people had been been brutally killed and she had allegedly received almost R1.4 million in insurance claims.

However, it is believed that what finally brought her down was ordering a hit on her sister’s children, the youngest of whom was only five months old.

The “horrified” hitman informed the police and a trap was set leading to her arrest.

Ndlovu, who worked at the Tembisa Police Station at the time of her arrest, appeared at the South Gauteng High Court on Monday. She faces six counts of murder, four counts of fraud, obstruction of justice and eights counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

According to the indictment, one of her victims was her sister Audrey whom she had insured with different companies and listing herself as the beneficiary.

On the morning of June 25, 2013, she visited Audrey, allegedly made her tea, put a “harmful substance” in it, gave it to her and left.

When she went back to Audrey’s house to check on her later that afternoon, she was still alive. She allegedly strangled her and left. Her body had already decomposed when it was later found.

Ndlovu is said to have submitted several claims to various insurance companies on the policies she initiated on her sister and was paid over R700 000.

Years later, Audrey’s son, Brilliant Mashego found out that Ndlovu had received money from insurance companies following her mother’s death. He allegedly confronted her and demanded that she pay it to him.

However, Ndlovu allegedly organised a hit on Mashego too. His body, which had massive head injuries, was found on the streets.

Not even Ndlovu’s live-in lover, Yingwani Maurice Mabasa could be spared.

In October 14 2015, Mabasa was viciously attacked, sustaining horrific head injuries. His attackers dumped his body not far from Olifantsfontein Police Station and fled, but did not take his wallet and money.

Insurance companies paid Ndlovu R416 357 and she contributed R40 000 towards the funeral of the deceased, claims the indictment.

Another alleged victim of Ndlovu’s was her cousin, Witness Madaka Homu, whom she had insured.

One day Homu left his home for work but never made it. His body, with severe head injuries, was discovered in the bushes.

According to the indictment, Ndlovu submitted several claims to various insurance companies following Homu’s death and was paid R131 000.

However, she allegedly did not contribute a cent to Homu’s family to help with funeral expenses.

Zanale Motha was a niece of Ndlovu’s who was also brutally killed, allegedly for insurance money at the behest of her aunt.Latest Post