Man Jailed for having x with a horse escapes jail

Man Jailed for having x with a horse escapes jail

A man who was accused of having x with a horse managed to escape prison but was found a mile away 26 minutes later.

Jonah Barrett-Lesko, 25, reportedly lee La Plata County Jail, Colorado, U.S. by climbing up a wall, only to be caught a mile away.

Sheriff’s Lt. Pat Downs Downs told local media: "There’s a video of him going up the wall."

The man was eventually found after concerned locals reported to the police they had spotted someone in a prison jumpsuit running near an Office Depot store.

The 25-year-old was caught about a mile away from the prison, by Durango Police Chief Bob Brammer, who happened to be driving in the area.

He was able to spot the prisoner as he had removed his uniform and was running towards woodland.

Brammer told the Durango Herald: "That’s what really attracted my attention to him because you don’t see half-naked people running through the woods in their boxer shorts."Latest Post