Hitler’s ‘death quarry’ where Nazis massacred kids, unearthed in Russia (Video)

Hitler’s ‘death quarry’ where Nazis massacred kids, unearthed in Russia (Video)

Nazi's ‘death quarry’ which is filled with more than 3,500 bodies has been discovered in Russia.

The mass graveyard which gives new evidence of crimes committed by Adolf Hitler during the Nazi occupation of the region in World War II, is located in the city of Salsk in the Rostov region.

Diggers were especially appalled at the discovery of remains of dozens of slaughtered women and children, including babies, following the declassification of documents from KGB secret service archives.

Volunteer search squad, Mius-Front reported key findings from their gruesome search so far.

The group said;

"Our expedition continues to work in the death quarry of the city of Salsk.

“Here, the Nazis killed 3,500 civilians in 1942-43.

“There were many children among them.

“Today, 15 children from one to ten years old were found and taken out.

"It is scary.

"There is nothing more terrifying in war than seeing children die. Any war veteran will tell you that.

"We have already found 20 children in just one execution pit."

Unusually, not all the victims were shot. One of the diggers said;

“For the majority, death came from blows to the head with a boot or fist.

“Perhaps the children's heads were smashed against the dried clay of the quarry.

“We have not encountered this before.”

A few Red Army prisoners of war were among the dead but most were the old, the young, and a hugely disproportionate number of women. Among 60 sets of human remains where DNA analysis has been conducted, 16 are women, and 19 children between the ages of two and late teens.

The group’s head Andrey Kudryakov is heard on video saying;

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