Emotional story of how mother reunites with son she gave up for adoption 33 years ago thanks to DNA test

A mother has reunited with the son she gave up for adoption almost four decades later.

Melanie Pressley says she spent more than three decades wondering about the son she put up for adoption so he could grow up in a better home.

Pressley gave birth to Vossler in 1988 at the age of 18 in Canton, Ohio. Not being able to care for him financially, she found an adoption agency that would later connect her son to a household with two parents.

Melanie Pressley's sister Lee Ann Dewey asked a nurse if she could hold Greg Vossler a day after he was born in 1988. She snapped a picture of him that day and it was all Pressley was left with for 33 years.

Since the parents who adopted her kid did a 'closed adoption' (closed adoption means you don't know the new parents of the child ), all Pressley was left with was the single photograph of her newborn son her sister took.

Ever since, Pressley says she began a journey to find her son.Latest Post