Dolphin 'killed himself' after becoming separated from woman who used to have 'sex' with him

Dolphin 'killed himself' after becoming separated from woman who used to have 'sex' with him

A young woman had a 'sexual relationship' with a dolphin who later seemed to commit suicide when they were separated.

In the early 1960s, young Margaret Howe Lovatt became part of a NASA-funded project to communicate with dolphins.

The idea was that, given that dolphins have brains that are at least as large as humans, we could develop techniques for communicating with extraterrestrials by learning how the intelligent species "talk" to each other.

Margaret, just 20 at the time, convinced project director Gregory Bateson into letting her work with the dolphins a neuroscientist, John Lilly, was keeping on the Caribbean island of St Thomas.

There were three dolphins, Margaret said, named Peter, Pamela and Sissy.

Margaret later said of the dolphins: "Sissy was the biggest. Pushy, loud, she sort of ran the show. Pamela was very shy and fearful. And Peter was a young guy. He was sexually coming of age and a bit naughty."

Peter and Margaret developed a unique bond. He became jealous if she spent too much time with the other dolphins and the feeling was, at least to an extent, mutual.

Margaret told BBC: "That relationship of having to be together sort of turned into really enjoying being together, and wanting to be together, and missing him when he wasn’t there."

Peter, more than his two companions, became quite skilled at forming English words by forcing air through his blowhole, although some words were more difficult than others.

Margaret recalled: "'M' was very difficult. My name. Hello ‘M’argaret. I worked on the ‘M’ sound and he eventually rolled over to bubble it through the water. That ‘M’, he worked on so hard."Latest Post