Divorce documents shows Johnny Depp was ‘abandoned’ by ‘mean’ mom when he was a teenager

Divorce documents shows Johnny Depp was ‘abandoned’ by ‘mean’ mom when he was a teenager

Court documents have revealed that Hollywood actor, Johnny Depp was reportedly abandoned by his “mean” mom as a teen.

In the 1981 court papers which before now was buried in archives, it was revealed that 15-year-old Johnny Depp was “emancipated and self-supporting” after her mother, Betty Sue Depp and his father John Depp divorced in 1978.

In interviews granted before now, the actor claimed that he began using drugs at 11, dropped out of high school aged 16 to become a musician and in 1980 began playing guitar in a band called The Kids, moving to Los Angeles and spending months living in a car.

His first acting role came in 1984’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street” after meeting Nicolas Cage. The divorce document signed in 1981 states “The wife hereby acknowledges that the parties’ minor child … John C. Depp II is fully emancipated and self-supporting.”

Hollywood fixer, Paul Barresi uncovered the court papers in his research for the new Discovery+ series “Johnny Depp v Amber Heard.”

Barresi said;

“He said since age 11, he’s taken all manner of substances, including marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, prescription painkillers, opiates and magic mushrooms. His drug use, he said, was a way to escape family problems.

“He struggled to find gigs in a garage band and peddled ink pens working part-time as a telemarketer.

“Needless to say, at age 17, Johnny was hardly financially self-sufficient, and far from being emancipated. As far as I am concerned, his mother disowned him at a time when he unquestionably needed her most.

“There is no court record of him ever having been legally emancipated.”Latest Post