Couple hold their wedding at border of US and Canada to allow bride’s family witness the event

Couple hold their wedding at border of US and Canada to allow bride’s family witness the event

A couple have held their wedding at the border of US and Canada, after COVID-19 restrictions made it difficult for the Canadian bride to have her family at her US wedding.

Karen Mahoney and her new husband, Brian Ray met 35 years ago over a love of skiing, and when they finally got engaged in March, the ski instructors didn't want to wait to get married.

Mahoney told CNN that one of the things that really mattered to her was having her parents and 96-year-old grandmother at the wedding.

She said;

"She's my only living grandparent, the only grandparent I've ever known, so it was very important for me for her to be there to watch the happiest day of my life.

"The most important part of the day for us was the promises we told to each other, and we wanted my parents and grandmother to witness that."

The United States has been limiting non-essential travel at land crossings with Canada since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and extending those restrictions on a monthly basis. Air travel between the countries is possible, but even with her family being vaccinated, Mahoney said, she felt it put them at greater risk, especially considering her grandmother's age.

The bride who revealed that they had a friend who works for border patrol and had previously arranged for her to meet her family at the closed border, including when Ray asked her father, Paul, for her hand in marriage, said he also came through for their wedding.

The border patrol official explained all the rules, including making sure they stayed on their given sides and did not exchange anything. He also informed the patrol on duty what was going on in case they saw the ceremony on the cameras in the area. They met up at the border outside Burke, New York, the day before their planned wedding on September 25.

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