Man opens fire in Plymoth, killing 5, before taking his own life

Man opens fire in Plymoth, killing 5, before taking his own life

A gunman went "berserk" on Thursday evening, August 12, and opened fire in a house in Plymouth, England, killing 5, before taking his own life.

Armed police and paramedics were sent to the Keyham area of Plymouth, near the city’s docks, at about 6:10pm in response to what was described as a "serious firearms incident" on Thursday evening.

Four people – two females and two males – were confirmed dead at the scene while a third woman died in hospital, Devon and Cornwall Police said in a statement early on Friday morning, August 13.

One of the victims was a child.

The gunman then escaped through a park behind the house before killing himself.

The gunman has been identified as Jake Davison, a scaffolder in his 20s.

Davison claims he was born in Arizona, USA, on his Facebook page.

He has previously shared US propaganda, Donald Trump quotes, and likes Incel TV, a support group for "involuntary celibates".

Before he carried out the mass shooting, he uploaded a series of disturbing YouTube videos.

In one, Davison complained that he was still a "fat" and "ugly virgin".

He told his followers: "Most people would have been completely utterly broken if they had lived my f*****g life...I'm surprised I even made it this far to be honest."

Davison continued: "I'm always gonna keep trying, as long as you're breathing air.

"It's like in the Terminator, the whole premise of the Terminator movies is that everything's rigged against you, there's no hope for humanity.

"We're on the brink of extinction, these machines are unstoppable killing machines that can't be beaten. But yet, humanity still tries to fight to the end.Latest Post