Man killed by homeless man who he helped take off the streets

Man killed by homeless man who he helped take off the streets

A homeless man, Moses Ewan(pictured above), 35 has confessed to killing his neighbor in Brooklyn, New York.

Police said Moses Ewan, confessed to the crime and told shelter workers Friday night, July 2, that he killed his roommate, Ronald Snoddy, 67, whose body was later found in his East New York apartment with multiple stab wounds.

A neighbor who lived near the victim at the Spring Creek Towers, said she never suspected Moses Ewan would take another man’s life.

“I spoke to him about the word of God,” said the neighbor, who said she was too afraid to share her name.

“I said you have a very powerful name. I would always encourage him. ‘Go to church. Be positive. These streets are no good.’ ”

The neighbor said she sensed something was not quite about Ewan, but was shocked to hear him confess.

“To me, he was always a sweet person,” the neighbor said. “I can’t believe I know the killer.”

Friends of the victim said Snoddy took Ewan into his home three years ago after meeting him at a local grocery store where Ewan worked, and learning about his plight.

Snoddy had reportedly lived in the Spring Creek Towers for more than 25 years, working odd jobs, including a stint as a parking lot attendant.Latest Post