Nigerian Real estate mogul Udo Maryanne Okonjo shows off the house her 25-year old daughter is building in Bali, Indonesia

Nigerian Real estate mogul Udo Maryanne Okonjo has showed off the house her first daughter, Chidi, is building as her first investment property in Bali, Indonesia.

Chidi who was born in Canada and grew up in Nigeria and South Africa is a travelling entreprenuer and worked for a tech company in New York as a business analyst before she started her personal business. 

The 25-year-old during a question and answer session on Instagram, said she didn't take any loan to finance her villa but paid it out of her own pocket.

Sharing a glimpse of the house which is still under construction, Mrs Okonjo wrote;

"I couldn’t be more proud! Daughter 1 is building her first investment property. Who says women can’t command wealth? And who says it can’t start as early as you decide to take charge of your life," she wrote. 

"Choosing to challenge more women to create the right income streams and get onto the property ladder.

"PS. Please note that gender biases are still in place all over the world. Women tend to spend more especially on property and construction because they aren’t considered as knowledgeable. So be sure to have knowledgeable advocates/advisors on your side if needed." 

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