Khloe Kardashian reveals she made embryos to have second baby with Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian has revealed she made embryos to have a second baby with Tristan Thompson before lockdown.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 36, discussed her plans for using a surrogate in the new trailer for the last series of her family's reality TV show.

Speaking on Sarah Hyland's series Lady Parts, Khloe, who is already mum to two-year-old True with Tristan, revealed that her eggs aren't strong enough to be frozen so had to be made into embryos straight away.

But she's now revealed that the coronavirus pandemic put her plans to become a mum again on hold. 

Khloe said: "We realised that my eggs aren't strong enough to be frozen. They should be mixed immediately with sperm to make embryos. So I actually have made embryos."

She added: "And then, with COVID, finding this whole fertility process, if you do need assistance in fertility, it's much more challenging during COVID.

"They say, 'If you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans.'

"So the one time I'm actually really trying to plan, God is saying, 'Uh uh, you can't make your plans like this!'"

Khloe said that she wants her daughter True to grow up with siblings like she did.

She continued: "My plan was to have kids closer in age. But with COVID and everything, my plan's been a little delayed.

"I definitely do want more kids. I have so many brothers and sisters.

"I think it's such a blessing — especially during these times — to have a family member or people that you can play with and rely on and just have a buddy through life."

In the KUWTK trailer Khloe spoke to Tristan about the idea of having another baby.

"You're trusting the surrogate with your unborn child and it's just scary," she told Tristan.

Despite their plans for another baby, Khloe and Tristan refused to say whether they're back together.