Nigeria is a failed state where nothing works - Edwin Clark fires

Ijaw leader Edwin Clark has said that Nigeria is a failed state because things no longer work properly in the nation.

The erstwhile federal commissioner for information made this disclosure on Wednesday at the National Restructuring Summit in Abuja.

He maintained that Nigeria's 1999 constitution is operating under a scam.

“Nigeria is a failed state, failed state in the sense that nothing works anymore. Bring the best expert to come and manage Nigeria under the 1999 constitution it will not yield any result because the 1999 constitution is a scam,” Vanguard Newspaper quoted the elder statesman to have said.

“The last constitution we had in this country was the 1963 constitution, the 1999 constitution was dictated by the military and handed down to Nigeria and that is why nothing works.”

“Some people who run Nigeria were beneficiaries of the 1963 constitution, beneficiaries of true federalism,” Mr. Clark asserted.

The Niger-Delta leader explained that the citizens of the oil-rich region have suffered try most injustice in Nigeria which could only be corrected via restructuring through federalism and resources control.

“A situation where we can control our resources and pay tax to the center, other regions have enjoyed this before. So we have suffered the most in Nigeria, we are not saying we should have everything that belongs to us, but we the people of Niger-Delta believe in restructuring through federalism,” Mr. Edwin said.

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