Kid Cudi Co-Signed DijahSB Drops Off "Throw That Back"

There's a lot of eyes on Toronto rapper DijahSB these days. Earlier this week, they received a major co-sign from Kid Cudi who described their sound as "tasty," even adding a "chef's kiss" in parentheses to drive the point home. Needless to say, if you're looking for something jiggy and fly to rock out to this weekend, DijahSB's latest single, "Throw That Back" might be exactly what you're looking for. A groovy, danceable feel conquers the production while Dijah floats over the production with an effortless flow.

The latest record from DijahSB arrives a few months after the release of their last EP, Girls Give Me Anxiety. DijahSB is slowly bubbling up right now and for the right reasons. Check out their latest single below.

Quotable Lyrics

All this cash fall right in my lap

It makes me feel like life ain't bad

But I know better than that

That n***a's trash, stop lettin' him rap

I stay up late night, where Letterman at?

Mad stripes on the cloth, this is Veteran Rap

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