Joe Abah tells Nigerian youths their best choice is ABROAD

Dr Joe Abah has taken to twitter as a brand new year starts to tell Nigerian youths their best plug is outside the country.

He made it clear his message isn't for everyone but only the youths.

He said been overseas gives the youths more opportunity than they can ever ask for in their father's land.

Respected DR Joe made the call today, 2nd of January, 2021 on Twitter.

He further said, once they get to their destination and made, they can decide if they want to come back home then or not as a full grown adult. His tweets below....

“Moving abroad the 1st time, I didn’t watch any in-flight movie. My eyes were firmly on the flight display. As soon as we left Nigeria, I made the sign of the Cross. When we left Africa, I whispered “Alleluia! If this plane does emergency landing now, it won’t be in Africa sha!”

“It’s true that when I got to the UK for the first time, I thought “Is this all?” However, I could see a clear path to how I could own a car, buy a house and build a career. I couldn’t see that path as a young man in Nigeria. I still don’t see it for many young Nigerians now.

“In your youth, you should japa if you want to and have an opportunity to do so. Get the basics, like a car, a house, a 90-inch TV and a bad bad sound system. Build your CV there & show them you are a determined Naija person. If, later, you want to come back, it’ll be by choice.”

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