BRS Kash's "Throat Baby" Video With DaBaby & City Girls Features Tons Of Innuendos

 BRS Kash is very clearly going to be a star, strutting with confidence and delivering his booming debut mixtape today, titled Kash Only. The rapper has been bubbling lately with one of the hottest rap songs in the world, "Throat Baby (Go Baby)". This week, it was revealed that the record would be remixed with the help of two artists that have a knack for creating hits: DaBaby and the City Girls. 

The star-in-the-making has officially released the high-budget music video for the remix, which complements the release of his new mixtape. It features all kinds of clever innuendos, starting off with DaBaby and BRS Kash rhyming back-and-forth as they fly a phallic-shaped spaceship into the galaxy. In another scene, a woman opens her mouth wide with white matter inside, which is revealed to be snow. DaBaby goes on to snowboard inside of her mouth.

BRS Kash also adds a scene where he becomes a diver, standing at the top of the diving board before jumping into the water. However, this isn't a regular pool... it's actually another woman's mouth. He winds up traveling all the way down her throat, just like he says in the song.

Once the City Girls jump in, BRS Kash becomes a vintage game show host as they rap their respective sections, smiling as Yung Miami and JT strut their stuff.