Bobrisky ''advises'' Iyabo Ojo after she called out her fans for always sleeping in her DM

Hehehe wahala truly be like bone straight hair. Wetin we no go see for social media, HIAN!

So Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo over the weekend called out her fans to stop begging from her or any other celebrity and advised them to get a job. She also advised wives who are tired of their marriages due to physical assaults to stop consulting her for help or advise saying INDEED THEY CAN MAKE DECISIONS ON THEIR OWN AS ADULTS.

In the process, Iyabo got really upset and even though most of her fans applauded her, some said she went too far.

Now Bobrisky has just thrown a sub at the actress, saying fans make celebrities and ended it with ''lets be guided'' LMAO...

I can imagine how Iyabo's daughter would be boiling by now LMAO... But her mother won't let her respond, not to talk of her first child -- Festus. I can imagine him saying, Ha better tell that idiot, if i catch him na fight to finish. No i just can't imagine how they feel! Though Bobrisky said his note isn't to anyone, everyone got the sub! His words after the cut.

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