The evil you have done is enough! Man waves Nigeria bye as he lands in Canada [photos]

A Nigerian man, Muyiwa who goes by the name @MrFrancisWhyte on Twitter has waved Nigeria bye as he lands in Canada.

Muyiwa shared photos of himself, with another photo saying bye to Nigeria, and that the evil the country has done to him is enough.

Sharing three photos fo him smiling after landing in Canada, Muyiwa wrote;

''Goodbye Nigeria, the evil you have done is enough''

He then followed it up with another tweet that explained he waited for three years, but then ''look at me now''. Lol.

''Three years journey finally paid off after writing IELTS exams FIVE times... You're under 30, have MSc or two degrees, and some funds for WES and IELTS... Please don't sleep on the Express Entry program, CANADA needs you!''

Well some Nigerians have been asking him how he did it, with Muyiwa even acknowledging his phone is almost blown up with many inquiries in his DM. He however gave an update which he actually PINNED as a star that he is now and wrote;

''I have to sleep, it's 7:33am, and I haven't slept all night, I will reply all DMs when I wake up in a few. Victory hand''.

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