Poverty and heartbreak only make women ugly - Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has openly written men to explain why some women are ugly. Reno who is happily married wants men to know that not all ugly women chose to be so, but life brought the ugliness on them.

He says the major cause of ugliness is poverty and then, heartbreak.

He says some women turned ugly due to heartbreaks from men and begged his fellow men -- single ones tho-- to give ugly women a chance, and they will be shocked at how beautiful they will turn out.

He likened the women like green oranges with sweet juice. His words after the cut...

''Dear men,

Don’t reject a loving woman because she is ugly. What you see as ugliness is usually poverty and heartbreak. They draw out ugliness. When her circumstances change, you will be amazed at her transformation, without bleaching or surgery. Give her a chance. Don’t reject a juicy orange because It is green. You may just end up with a yellow orange without juice. Instead, work on that juicy orange until it ripens.''

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