Kerry Washington Thinks Khalid Is DJ Khaled

Kerry Washington mistakenly responded to Khalid's election tweet with an excited "We da best!!!"

We love Kerry Washington for the incredible things she's done as Olivia Pope in Scandal but it might be time to admit that she's not really that knowledgeable about current trends in music.

The award-winning actor is one of the best in her field but, last night, she proved that she's not up-to-date on who's who in the music industry.

As the election results flashed on her screen, she took a break to check in on Twitter, noticing that Khalid posted about Texas potentially going blue, which it ultimately did not. An estimated 96 percent of votes have been reported in Texas, who chose Donald Trump for re-election. Still, Khalid was optimistic that his home state would vote for Biden.

"MAKE TEXAS BLUE," tweeted the 22-year-old El Paso resident.

Kerry Washington saw the tweet and excitedly reacted, seemingly mistaking Khalid for DJ Khaled and, considering their names are one letter apart, we can't blame her too much.

"Yes!!!!!! We da best!!!!!! (I couldn't resist)," wrote Washington in response. 

 She has since deleted the tweet, which means that she is likely aware of her blatant mistake. Khalid is not DJ Khaled and DJ Khaled is not Khalid. However, we likely all know somebody like this. At the end of the day, there is a Lil Tjay, a Teejayx6, a Teejay3K, and probably other Tjay's that we're missing. There's also, like, a million Baby's in rap. Do you think she can tell them apart? 

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