Latin America leads the world in coronavirus with 4.48m cases

Data shows that a recent spike in coronavirus cases in Latin America has made it the most infected region in the world.

The rising number of cases make Latin America the region most impacted by the pandemic globally due to the steady rise infections in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Argentina.

The region accounted for 26.83 percent of worldwide cases.

Latin America has 4,381,402 total cases of the coronavirus compared to 4,345,289 in the United States and Canada, according to the count based on data from John Hopkins University.

Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile ranked among the top 10 countries that have been hit the hardest by the ravaging coronavirus that has sickened 16,296,635 throughout the world.

At least 183,533 people have died of coronavirus in the region. Overall, the virus has killed 649,662 people worldwide.

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