Police officers who helped murder suspect escape from custody arraigned

Three police officers based at Kamukunji Police Station, Nairobi, were on Thursday arraigned for aiding the escape from custody a Ugandan suspect charged with kidnapping their colleague.

Corporal Vacity Kemeres, Stephen Ochieng, and Elias Mungaria were accused that on May 13, 2020, acting jointly with others not before court, that they aided the escape of Martin Wasike.

Wasike had been charged with kidnapping with intent to murder a police officer, whose whereabouts remain unknown and is largely feared dead.

The victim’s lawyer, Alfred Nyandieka, told the court to detain the suspects and deny them bail, arguing they can also disappear from custody.

But the suspects’ lawyer said the court should presume them innocent until proven guilty, stating there is no compelling evidence to deny them bail.

The police officers’ lawyer said that there is no connection between his clients and the person alleged to have been kidnapped.

“They have no contact with the alleged kidnapper who is at large. The application is lacking any foundation in law,” said the advocate in his request to have the police officers released on lenient terms.

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