Lola Ogun calls out Otis on Twitter for allegedly sexually abusing her

Lola calls out Otis on Twitter for allegedly raping her, he responds

Social media user, Lola Ogun has taken to her page to call out @ShoeGuyOtis for allegedly sexually abusing her.

In her post on social media, Lola claims Otis had coerced her one night she slept over at his house, she claims he sexually abused her as it was without her consent.
She wrote;
1) I actually don’t have the strength for drama but I’m finally putting this out here because after my initial tweet, I got messages that he has coerced/abused other women apart from me not because of you asking for “@“. However, I’ll give you details. 
2. I knew this abuser through an agency in 2015, although I didn’t know much about him except that we exchanged numbers and got talking and he also asked me out. 
3 Fast forward to 2018, we got talking back and he told me Nike made him loose his business blah blah. Later on, he said he spent months in oouth (where I did my clinical training) and I pitied him and promised I will check on him since I didn’t see him throughout his admission. 
4Finally met the bastard, he told me how his girlfriend left him in the hospital and didn’t check on him and only asked for money, bottom line he wanted me to be his gIrlfriend and the was so TOUCHY 
5) I met him for the last time since I was leaving Oouth sagamu, went home to get an instrument for practicals n since did he begged for my visit, I visited, it was so late he said i could stay over which I did. We discussed and it was time to sleep. He was touchy I pushed him 
6) and he put his penis in me, I was so mad (because HIV, all sort) I pushed him away n he kept begging, I regretted visiting, i don’t want it to be forceful and I gave him and begged he used a condom. I couldn’t sleep all through n I pretended. 
Next day, I left, didn’t show my anger cus I was disgusted, his gf now fiancĂ© saw our chats n blocked me. Called him n cursed him, he called a friend to beg me but I was mad I would wish bad things upon him.
It was so bad I had to text him that I forgave him which was hard to because the hatred was eating me up and I wanted to have a good sleep myself and continue my life. 
Till today I still hate him and wish bad upon him cus I had good intentions towards him. The other lady he abused isn’t ready to speak up but what bout
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