Gbolahan ‘BollyLomo’ Olatunde gives stern warning to rape accuser

Gbolahan 'BollyLomo' Olatunde gives stern warning to rape accuser

Actor Gbolahan Olatunde aka ‘BollyLomo’ has issued a stern warning to the ladies who accused him of rape and other forms of sexual abuse, demanding that they put an end to the false allegations.

Bollylomo released a statement debunking the accusation that he raped several ladies, he claims he is being falsely accused and the statements were made to defame his person.

His statement reads in part;
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
A Twitter user yesterday, came out to falsely accuse me of sexual assault/rape, and has proceeded to make several false, derogatory and defamatory statements against my person.
This is not an allegation I take lightly and as such I have contacted my lawyers and given them a full brief on the issue, hence the reason for my delayed response in addressing these false allegations.
While I do not wish to further fuel this flagrant falsehood, as this is not the first time these kind of allegations of rape/sexual assault has been leveled against my person which I  didn’t address as it was an unsubstantiated attempt to smear my name.
Considering the severity of these allegations, I deem it pertinent to state that I, Gbolahan Olatunde aka “Bollylomo”, categorically deny these allegations and state that I have never raped any person.
See full statement belwo.
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